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Why Be Catholic?

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The Catholic Church is One.

The Catholic Church is Holy.

The Catholic Church is universal and worldwide (the word catholic means universal).

The Catholic Church is Apostolic and can trace it's roots back to Jesus through the Apostles.  No other non-catholic church can claim or prove this.

The Catholic Church alone contains the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.


The Catholic Church has 7 Sacraments as instituted by Jesus Christ.

History proves that it is the Catholic Church alone which Christ founded.  

The Catholic Church defined the dogma of the Holy Trinity (it's not defined in the Bible).

The Catholic Church gave us the Creeds in defense of the early heresies against Christianity.

The Catholic Church has Saints.


The Catholic Church truly honors Mary as our Heavenly Mother just like Jesus.

The Catholic Church teaches that Angles exist.

The Catholic Church defined the Holy Trinity.  It's not formally defined in Holy Scripture.

The Catholic Church is older than any man made institution on earth today.

The teachings of the Catholic Church do not contradict the Bible.

The Catholic Church has never changed it's Dogma's to suite worldly views.  

The Catholic Church is truly Apostolic in nature.

The Catholic Church teaches that Baptism is not symbolic, but is necessary to remove sin (Original Sin and Actual Sins).  Through Baptism we become members of Christ's Church and become able to receive God's Grace.

It was the Catholic Church who compiled the Bible as we have it today.  We have the Bible today because of the Catholic Church. The Bible came out of the traditions of the Church -  the Church did not start from the Bible.  The Bible is a Catholic book!

The Catholic Church the only Christian Church in existence until the protestant reformation in 1522. These reformed "churches" have split over 33,000+ different times since 1522 because of doctrinal differences.  All these churches have conflicting and contradictory doctrines.  

The writings of the early church fathers confirm what the Catholic Church teaches today and has always taught.

The Catholic Church can trace it's current Pope back to Saint Peter who was chosen by Christ to led the Church.  All other churches must trace their roots back through the Catholic Church if they want to go back to Christ through the Apostles.

The Catholic Church has the office of Bishop as found in the Bible (Acts 20:28 & 1Tim 3:1) and this office is the same office that has been handed down through the apostles.  Bishops are the modern day apostles - apostolic succession has never ended.  See (1 Cor 15:9) & (Acts 20:28).

The Catholic Church has protected and spread the word of God (written & unwritten) ever since it was entrusted by Jesus to do so.

The Catholic Church contains the fullness of the Christian faith which is found in sacred scripture and sacred tradition.  No other church contains this fullness as promised by Christ to his Church.

Even though the Catholic Church has had numerous sinners within it (Popes, Bishops, Priests, etc.) who strayed from the teachings of the Church, the Church has never changed it's teachings to suite these men.  This is because the Catholic Church is guided infallibly by the Holy Spirit and not man.  

The Catholic Church teaches that Baptism is necessary as commanded by Christ and it is not merely symbolic in nature as some believe.

The Catholic Church has Seven Sacraments as instituted by Christ.  These sacraments are the means by which the Church dispenses Christ's grace to members of his Church.  All other churches have only two sacraments (Baptism & Marriage) which do not require a priest.

The Catholic Church is not a man made religion.  It was founded by Christ and is infallibly guided by the Holy Spirit as promised by Christ.  If it were a man made religion it would have failed long ago!

The Catholic Church teaches that it is the true Church (guided by the Holy Spirit) who has the authority to interpret and teach the Bible to the world.  See (Acts 20:28).  

The Catholic Church is completely Biblical in its traditions and teachings.  No other church can make this claim.

Many miracles have and still occur within the Catholic Church.

The Liturgy of the Catholic Church is Biblical and very beautiful.

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