To serve at Holy Mass well you must: 


Go to confession often.

Study the faith and server instructions well.


Arrive to Mass early in order to prepare yourself for Mass.


Fast 1 hour before receiving communion.


Look your best.


Do not goof around before Mass or during Holy Mass. 


Pay attention during Mass. 


Do not hurry in your duties.


If you make a mistake pause and without hurrying perform the action correctly. 

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Helpful Training Videos

Film Reel

Upcoming Server Training


Training took place on Sunday, March 20th, but will offered again. Please check back or check the most recent bulletin. 


The training is for experienced and new servers in grade 3 and up.


Even if you've served before, please attend this training as some things have changed.

Training is arranged for St. Elizabeth's, however servers from Our Lady of Lourdes are welcome and will benefit from the instruction.

If you are planning to attend, please RSVP by calling the Parish Center. 

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